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We have many policies and procedures in place which guide our educational practices and promote the health, safety and well being of everyone who access our services. These are available for anyone to access in our office and parent library, or upon request.

These include:

Additional Needs Policy

Animals Policy

Appointment of Staff Policy

Bathing Policy

Child Protection Policy

Children's Record's Policy

Cleanliness Policy

Confidentiality of Family Information Policy

COVID 19 Policy

Digital Devices Policy

Documentation of Responsible Person and ECT Roster

Educational Program and Practice Policy

Emergency Procedures Policy

Employment Conditions Policy

Enrolment Procedures Policy

Exclusion Policy (see infectious diseases)

Excursion Policy

Family Grievance Policy

Fees Policy

First Aid Administration Policy

Food Handling Policy

Guiding Children's Behaviour Policy

Health Records Policy

Hygiene Policy (see cleanliness Policy)

Immunisation Policy

Infectious Diseases Policy

Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness' Policy

Inclusion Policy

Late Collection and Hours of Operation Policy

Governance and Management Policy

Medical Conditions Policy (Including management of Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Asthma and Diabetes)

Medication Policy

Nutrition Policy

Partnership with Families

Parents and Caregivers Grievance Policy

Pest Control Policy

Premises Maintenance Policy

Professional Development Policy

Professionalism/Code of Conduct Policy

Providing a Child Safe Environment Policy (including water safety and storage of dangerous substances)

Release of Children Policy

Routines Policy

Sleep/Rest Policy

Smoke Free Policy

Staff Communication Policy

Staff Grievance Policy

Staff Health Policy

Student/Volunteer Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Supervision of Children Policy

Supporting Children's Sense of Agency and Identity Policy

Sustainability Policy

Toilet Learning Policy

Transition to School Policy

Visitors Policy

Withdrawal from Preschool Policy

Work, Health and Safety Policy