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Our Documentation

Our documentation about each child’s development, goals and progress is available in an accessible format and opportunities are provided for discussion with families. All our educators contribute to the documentation and evaluation of each child’s learning at the preschool.


An essential part of our documentation is our Day Book which is reflects on the learning taking place throughout the day. All educators have opportunities to contribute to the Day Book and also reflects our personal teaching styles and passions. Relevant documentation is then placed in your child’s Black Book. This collection of stories and moments are available to you and your child at all times. We send these books home during the term breaks for you to contribute to. These books are a treasure trove of the learning that has been taking place. We hope you will treasure these as much as we do.

We acknowledge the importance of sharing meaningful documentation with children and their families, and thus with ongoing critical reflection we are continuing to use physical documentation in the form of group learning stories and each child’s personal book. This provides the opportunity for children to revisit their learning at preschool with both their educators and peers (these are always available for the children to look at and contribute to), whilst also sharing their journey with their families when the books are taken home.

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