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We are located at the bottom of the car park behind St Dunstan's Church.

Please come and visit; there is no need to make an appointment for a tour.

Visitors are now welcome for brief 10min visits on Wednesdays and Fridays between 10am - 2pm. Please only come if you and your child are both well to ensure the safety of the preschool community.

        For all Wait List & Enrolment Enquiries contact us below:

St Dunstan's Preschool

Address: 112 Lovell Rd, Eastwood NSW, 2122

Tel: 02 9887 1481

Family Feedback:

We welcome comments, compliments and complaints from parents, carers, families and their communities to guide how we work to protect and empower our children.

To share any comments, compliments or complaints contact: or

Thanks for contacting us!

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