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Our Team

Our service philosophy has been developed by all educators with a key focus on the development of positive relationships between children, families and educators and our community, as well as supporting children’s sense of agency and well-being.

As educators we are consistently guided by our service philosophy and are active contributors in critical reflections used to enhance outcomes for children.

Our educators consistently demonstrate a high level of collaboration, recognising the individual strengths they each bring to the team. We affirm, challenge, support and learn from each other to continually strengthen skills to enhance practices and relationships.

As our educator-to-child ratios and qualifications exceed licensing requirements, contributing to a high quality learning and care environments for children.

We are fortunate that our educators utilise their cultural languages to guide interactions with children and their families.


​​Our team consists of:

  • Director/Early Childhood Teacher

  • Early Childhood Teachers

  • Early Childhood Educators

  • Inclusion Support Educators

  • Office Administrator

Each member of our team also has a specific role, these include:

  • Inclusion Support Teacher

  • Educational Leader

  • Work, Health and Safety Officer

  • Belonging Advocate

  • Munch and Move Advocate

  • Sustainability Advocate

  • Indigenous People's Advocate

  • Wellbeing Advocate

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