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Upcoming events for our students and families


Term Dates for 2024:

  • Term 1: Thursday 2nd February – Friday 12th April

  • Term 2: Monday 29th April – Friday 5th July

  • Term 3: Monday 22nd July – Friday 27th September

  • Term 4: Monday 14th October – Wednesday 18th December

Tim Adams, Church Children’s Minister: will visit us every term

  • Monday & Friday



Working Bees: Saturday mornings (1 per term) 9:00am – 11:00am

  • 23rd March

  • 25th May

  • 17th August

  • 26th October

​​AGM: Tuesday 19th March 2024, 7.30pm

Reunion for 2023 Students: Tuesday 5th March, 3:30-4:30pm

Harmony Week Celebrations: Wednesday 20th March & Friday 22nd March

Family Fun Day: Saturday June 1st 10am-1pm

Preschool Photos: Tuesday 18th June & Thursday 20th June

Excursion to Kings Park: Week starting 24th June

Mid Year Family Meetings: Commencing Monday 24th June - Friday 5th July

School readiness talk and preschool program information night: Tuesday 2nd July, 6:30pm

Pyjama Day: Wednesday 3rd July & Friday 5th July

STEPS Eye Testing: Wednesday 31st July & Thursday 1st August

Macquarie Anglican Spring Thing Community Event: Saturday 31st August

Koori Kinnections Learning Visit: TBC

Police visit: TBC

Grandparents and Visitors' Day: TBC

Book week dress up day: TBC

Support Network Morning: TBC

Taronga Zoomobile, Animals of the Dreaming: Tuesday 22nd October & Thursday 24th October

Magic Craig: Tuesday 4th December & Thursday 6th December

Last Day Christmas Party and Concert:

  • 3 day groups:

    • Amigo Class -  Tuesday 17th December, 9:30-12pm

    • Rafiki Class - Wednesday 18th December, 9:30-12pm

  • 2 day groups

    • Chingu Class - Friday 13th December, 9-11:30am

    • Bunji Class - Friday 13th December, 12:30-3pm


Tracky Dack Days: TBC

Fire Brigade Visit: TBC

Dentist Visits: TBC

Parent Night Out: TBC

Christian Community Aid Pantry drive: TBC

Nurse Noelene: TBC

Ambulance Officer Visit: TBC

Book Week: TBC

Family Support Network: TBC

Excursion to Denistone East Public School: TBC

​​Toys and Tucker: TBC

End of Year Family Meetings: TBC​​


2025 Families

Orientation Day: TBC

Orientation Information Night: TBC

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