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Our Curriculum

Our educators work in partnership with all children and their families to ensure each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities, thinking and interests (individual and collective), are consistently incorporated and actively drive all aspects of our curriculum planning, supporting each child to be actively involved within the preschool community. Our educators engage in meaningful discussions about their practices, taking on board new knowledge and an opportunity to maximise learning and development outcomes for children. Our curriculum is also guided by current research, professional guidance and ongoing critical reflection.

Our educators are deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions. We consider opportunities for children’s agency that are supported by reflections on our service philosophy.

Each child’s learning and development is assessed as a part of an ongoing cycle of planning with our educators using theoretical perspectives to inform critical evaluations of the child’s learning. Our daily curriculum is planned to provide a balance of experiences such as indoor/outdoor, physical/cognitive, individual/small group/large group, fine/gross motor and child initiated/educator initiated and educator extended. Programs are displayed outside and inside, and are available for family contributions. In conjunction with this we have a focused learning board which highlights the ongoing ideas and developing thinking of children based on educators' reflections as well as our curriculum (Education Program and Practice Policy, 2020).

Through critical reflection, our educators identify intentional teaching opportunities that strengthen the individual ability of each child and utilises the unique cultural context of our community to guide and support the inclusion of all children within our preschool community.

There is a strong commitment to creating a learning environment that supports the inclusion of all children within our community. Our educators reflect on our philosophy to make service decisions with a vision to promote positive outcomes for all children.

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