Our Philosophy

Our Vision

We believe that every child should be supported within an inclusive environment whereby each child has a voice to be heard, has choices within their learning and time to explore and challenge their ideas.


Our Mission

As early childhood educators we will achieve this by:


Recognising and celebrating children’s current strengths, acknowledging diverse learning styles, and encouraging group learning projects. Our practice will provide a balance between child initiated ideas, intentional experiences for learning and responding to family goals within teachable moments.


  • Respecting that families are the primary influence in their children’s lives and are the child’s first and most influential educators. We support collaborative partnerships through open communication with families, and our documentation fosters conversations between the child, their family and educators.


  • Recognising that educators have a valuable role in ensuring that learning is visible, meaningful, engaging and reflects best pedagogical practice. We will therefore encourage local networking amongst educators, professional development and collegial dialogue through shared learning experiences.

  • By being responsive to our community and environmental issues we will seek to actively use community networks to provide an extended learning environment for our children. By embedding this within our practice, we believe this will foster a mutually beneficial environment for our land, people and communities.